Pencil VS Camera


    Artist : Ben HEINE
    Publisher: Omaké Books
    Number of Pages : 100 pages
    Size : 21 cm x 14,8 cm
    Cover : Hard Cover
    Release day : 07/09/2017
    Category : Photography/art
    ISBN 13 : 978-2-919603-35-0
    EAN : 9782919603350
    Retail Price : 15 €

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    Discover the wonderful world of Ben Heine, with this book presenting more than 100 master pieces and lots of exclusive info.
    Pencil Vs Camera is an original visual concept invented and popularized by Ben Heine since April 2010. A new art form and the artist’s special trademark, it is also one of the most creative and powerful art concepts of the 21st century. The images in this series usually show a hand-drawn sketch held and photographed by the artist to infuse ordinary scenes with new surreal, visionary, or romanticized narratives. Ben’s visible hand represents the connection between the viewer, the artist and the artwork. Heine does not recreate photographs, but he reimagines them. In these images, he likes to tell a story and convey timeless messages using imagination, illusion, poetry and surrealism. His work is powered by a fearless positivity. An already beautiful-looking photo is enhanced with a sketch that adds a splash of satire and whimsy. The concept has also become popular in many primary and secondary schools worldwide. It is used to stimulate students' imagination and encourage them to use new technologies and share their ideas. 

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    Pencil VS Camera
    Pencil VS Camera
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