Oak Oak Let's Play


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    After "Urban Diversion's" success, here comes a new book! Let's Play!

    Oak Oak is a young man from Saint-Etienne (France) who loves to take a walk in the city. But unlike any ordinary tourist looking for historical building and  the most daring architectures, Oak Oak seeks insignificant details. A small crack on a wall? That is precisely what he will be drawn to! Instead of seeing a defect in construction, he would rather see a web spun by Spider-Man. A post has been knocked over?

    Instead of blaming whoever failed to put it back in place, he would rather make up a story to explain why it is down. Therefore, Oak Oak is an unusual lateral thinker in an urban environment. Welcome to his world...


    Artist : Oak Oak
    Publisher : Omaké Books

    Language : French
    Collection : Art / Street Art / Humor
    Pictures : + 100 pics
    Size : 21 cm x 15 cm (A5) 
    Pages : 96 pages
    Available on : November 2016
    ISBN : 978-2-919603-22-0


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    Oak Oak Let's Play
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